how to do b12 injections at home

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How to choose syringe size The choice of syringe depends on the amount of solution. Syringes are labelled in how much liquid they can hold. For example, the packaging might say 3mL, meaning that the syringe can measure up to 3mL of fluid. One cc, or cubic centimeter, is the same amount as one mL. When selecting a syringe make sure that the amount of medicine or fluid that you need to draw up will fit in the syringe (don’t use a 1mL syringe when you need to draw up 2mL.) BD high-quality, easy-to-use syringe.
How to choose needle size When considering needle length, select a needle that is long enough to reach the appropriate site of subcutaneous or intramuscular tissue to optimize immune response and to reduce the risk of injection site reactions. How to choose the correct length of needle? If your tissue measures 30 mm, the needle length for an intramuscular injection should be 2/3 of the tissue, around 20 mm. The optimal needle length to choose would be 25 mm. For the subcutaneous injection, the needle size should be 1/3 of the tissue, about 10 mm. The correct needle to choose is the 10 mm, to inject the right tissue, to get the right effect of the medicine and reduce the risk of injection site reactions.
Skinfold thickness measurement For an Intramuscular Injection Where you plan to inject Grasped between the thumb and forefinger and pulled away from the underlying muscle, (see photo) Measure the subcutaneous thickness, to get a correct needle length to center your drug in the middle of the muscle.
How to make a z-track injection? The Z-track method of an intramuscular injection is used to prevent tracking (leakage) of the medication into the subcutaneous tissue. To make a Z-track injection the skin and tissue are pulled and held firmly while the needle is inserted into the muscle. After the medication is injected, the skin and tissue are released. A Z-track injection helps to prevent medication from seeping into the subcutaneous tissue and ensures a full dosage. This is why we recommend this type of injection, in the thigh, sitting down and relaxing. To make a z-track injection use one hand to pull downward on your skin and subcutaneous tissue, hold it firmly about an inch away (2.54 cm) from the muscle. Use the 90-degree injector to get the right angle. The needle will be quickly inserted deeply enough to penetrate your muscle.
Then pull back the plunger and check the syringe for evidence of aspirated blood. If blood is present, it means a vein may have been hit, so a new site must be used. This will involve a new needle and fresh medication.
If there is no blood in the syringe, inject the medication slowly directly into the muscle. The needle will remain in place for about 10 seconds before it is withdrawn. When the skin and tissue are released, the needle track is broken, briefly forming a shape like the letter “Z.”